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Hi Dan,

Been searching the web all day and was wondering if you could please give some possible info for my situation?

Basically I injured my hand 14 weeks ago. Me and another guy collided full speed and my hand seems to have taken the brunt of it. It must have jammed into his leg or hip or something hard. I immediately got X-rays because it swelled up. No break and they did a series of them to be sure.

It seemed to be making steady progress but seems like it’s stopped about 6 weeks ago. Now I have much less but there is still swelling in the hand. I can now bend the thumb, middle and index finger. I can even pop the index, the first 5 weeks it was painful when I tried to pop it and now it’s fine. However, I can only flex the ring and pinkie. They don’t bend at the crease. When I try to force them, the knuckle feels very tight.

I’m concerned I may have a more serious injury and can’t be seen for quite a while. Another thing I noticed is the ring and pinkie finger were discolored a couple days and the skin kind of dimpled in on a few spots of the crease below the fingers. The dimples and color are gone but that Palmer crease still won’t bend one bit.

My initial checkups have ruled out fractures and seemingly tendons. I’m kinda nervous that my hand might be permanently damaged or that I may need surgery and that still may not fix it.

It’s pretty obvious it’s something in the knuckle joint. If it’s a damaged Palmer plate or busted capsule will they heal on their own?

I also saw about ligament and articulate cartilage as well as synovial fluid located in the area I seem to have injured. Do those types of injuries tend to heal themselves or is surgery required? Or worse is it possible the damage is permanent? I’m not in any pain, I just can’t make a fist at all. When I try it’s all disfigured and looks horrible. The ring finger sticks out farther than the others and the pinkie knuckle is not visible.

I know you are much more knowledgable on these parts of the hand and was just hoping I can get some info to prepare me for what I may have ahead or if I’m just freaking out and need to wait it out even longer. Thanks so much!

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Marcus in my opinion you need to be seen by a PT at least once. You need to get those fingers moving. Extreme stiffness in traumatized fingers is pretty common, and it can be quite chronic and nagging if it is not dealt with. You very well might benefit from guided exercises and perhaps some finger splints to help with bending the joints.

Some people will also get some benefit from heating the hand up with moist heat immediately prior to doing stretching exercises.


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. I understand

To put it simply, an operetta falls somewhere between an opera and a musical. Like a musical, an operetta (most often) contains spoken dialogue, as well as song. Operettas are often satirical and witty, and tend to be much shorter and less complex than traditional operas.

Take a look at the best known operettas, and the composers behind them…

1858: The beginning of Operetta

In the nineteenth century, French composer Womens Cush Flow Bullet Sling Back Sandals Aerosoles R204FyzjUf
made operetta an international art form thanks to works such as (), and (In fact, during his lifetime, Offenbach wrote more than 100 operettas. His success paved the way for Strauss, Sullivan, and the musicals of the 20th century, which stemmed from the genre.

Up until 1858, when Offenbach composed his theatrical licence prevented him from staging any operas with more than one act, or four characters. After negotiation (with Napoleon III’s government) he was finally allowed to stage full-length operettas, and was premiered. To get back at the young Napoleon’s strict regime, Offenbach wrote an operetta that satirised Paris and its government. Surprisingly, the emperor allowed Offenbach to stage the operetta without any censoring.

Jacques Offenbach, one of the first ever operetta composers

1871: Gilbert and Sullivan start their collaboration of writing operettas

Like Offenbach, Gilbert and sequin turnup jeans Blue Saint Laurent g9MMx
, the British operatic duo, favour satirical operettas. They often poke fun at the establishment and use wit and humour as a way of expressing political opinion. Before Gilbert, a lawyer by training, died in 1911 he asked that Preowned LEATHER SANDALS Prada Oe3XhF
, an operetta set in Japan (although in fact a commentary on British issues), be updated to reflect current issues.

Over their 14 operas, the comic pairing was able to express their political opinion on a number of pressing issues. deals with capital punishment, something that was on its way out in the 19th century, although not yet abolished. famous Major General’s song parodies the military leader who, although well educated, knows basically nothing about warfare or technology.

1874: Strauss brings operetta to the Viennese audience

Johann Strauss the Younger, not to be confused with composer Rendez Vous sandals Metallic Aquazzura XLTtTty
, was conducting his own orchestra before his 25th birthday, and was admired by the likes of Wagner, Liszt and Brahms. He modelled his operettas on the works of Offenbach, so much so that even the librettists for his most successful operetta had previously worked with Offenbach himself. or as it is more popularly known, was first performed in Vienna at the Alexander Wang Woman Denim Espadrilles Light Denim Size 41 Alexander Wang 5kTIBxD81b
in 1874, to an unmoved audience. It wouldn’t be for another two years that the Viennese audience took to the operetta, and another 16 years before the Vienna Opera added to its repertoire. Strauss’s satire was often generic, unlike Offenbach who commented on real-life matters. Also unlike Offenbach’s, and other operettas of the time, relies on the power of the orchestra, and only one role can be performed by an untrained voice.

Johann Strauss the Younger in 1879

1905: Lehar brings The Merry Widow to a twentieth-century audience

A few decades after Gilbert and Sullivan brought operettas to the London stage, composer Franz Lehar revitalised the world of Viennese operetta. Lehar’s remains one of the best known works in the operetta repertoire and helped the composer to become an international name. Moving away from the standard, Lehar fully orchestrated innovating the genre. It was the first show to try selling merchandise – the Merry Widow Hat, a black wide-brimmed hat, adorned with feathers, became a crucial part of women’s fashion for years to come.

Austrian Composer Franz Lehar in around 1900

1943: Rodgers and Hammerstein pioneer the golden age of musical theatre

Operetta and musical theatre co-existed in the first part of the twentieth century, each using the other as inspiration. Musical theatre versions of operettas, were created and staged, until musicals flourished and became a genre of their own. Like the operettas before it, and the other musicals of the time, commented on real situations and real issues. They were a perfect mix of dancing, singing, acting and drama. The Gilbert and Sullivan of the 20th century, composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein, went on to revolutionise Broadway with a number of successful musicals.

Musical Theatre duo Rodgers and Hammerstein in 1945

Find out more about the operatic duo that brought us operetta favourites such as Iolanthe and Pirates of Penzance...

German-born Englishman, George Frideric Handel, is one of the best-known composers from the Baroque period. Find out a bit more about the man who spent the most part of his life bringing opera to the London stage…

Recognised as one of the most gifted classical composers of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote operas, symphonies, piano works, chamber pieces and concertos, to name a few. Find out a little bit more about the short life of the great composer…

Like a musical, an operetta (most often) contains spoken dialogue, as well as song. Operettas are often satirical and witty, and tend to be much shorter and less complex than traditional operas.

Take a look at the best known operettas, and the composers behind them…

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